Chip Inks Golf Academy

Nearly 1000 miles of distance has not stopped PGA Director of Instruction, Chip Inks, from continuing to improve my golf game.  The usage of V1 Golf App software from my iPhone has allowed me to continue receiving the same high quality instruction that I was experiencing with Chip over 7 years ago while working on the driving range in Columbus, Ohio.  I enjoy being able to go back and listen to Chip's instruction as many times as I need during the learning process, this wasn't possible before using the V1 Golf App!  I've knocked 12 strokes off my game since picking the clubs up this year.  My first round was a shaky 83 riddled with misses.  My last round was a smooth 71 filled with fairways and greens!  12 stroke improvement across 8 rounds of golf while working with Chip via the V1 Golf App from my iPhone.  I always practice with a purpose; and now I practice with the V1 Golf App!"
Nathan R.