Junior Golf Programs:

Junior Program 1: One – 30-40 Minute Private Session$45 or $50 (with a split lesson at 40 mins.)

Junior Program 2: One – 60 Minute Private Advanced Session using the V1 Golf Coaching System $85

Junior Program 3: Online Session – Each online session will include video analysis of your swing that is submitted by the student at the Chip Inks Golf Academy using the V1 Golf Coaching System. Each video analysis will include specific fundamentals and drills to enhance your golf swing. $45

To View a Sample Golf Lesson Analysis at Chip Inks Golf…CLICK HERE

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Junior Golf Clinics, Saturday Classes & Seasonal Camps:

Junior Afternoon Golf Clinic @ VILLAGE GOLF CLUB

Saturday’s at 12:00 pm with U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Coach Chip Inks

30-60 minutes with Full Swing Fundamentals, Short Game & Prizes for $20

(3 or more juniors needed for 60 minutes)

Maximum size is 6 kids at this time

Call or text at 561-275-9880 to signup!

Junior Weekday Clinics: 45-60 Minute Group Session $20 (need 3 or more for full time)

Junior Saturday Classes: 45-60 Minute Class Session $20 (need 3 or more for full time)

Junior Seasonal Camps

Coming Soon…

Please contact Chip for additional information on junior group clinics, classes & seasonal camps.

Contact Chip to sign up or with any questions: