Imagine making a golf swing that lasts 30 seconds, or a minute and a half, or what about 10 minutes? The key for this drill is to do exactly that.

Go ahead and take your normal stance with a club of your choice. Then, start your swing, but make sure you are swinging extremely slow. I like counting for 15-20 seconds on the backswing all the way to the top of your swing. Make sure to pause at the top before you start the transition to the downswing.

Then, continue the downswing with the same slow motion swing lasting at least 15 seconds to making contact with the ball. Do not try to hit or scoop the ball, just go ahead and tap it while continuing to follow through to the top of your swing. This drill will help you feel the proper takeaway, your club position at the top and the correct downswing to the ball.

Always remember to “Practice with a Purpose” – Chip Inks, PGA



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    […] and stay smooth, there’s no reason you can’t hit it hard and further.  Try using my Tai Chi Drill…to help achieve this feeling of the correct backswing position at the top of your swing!  […]

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    […] using my Tai Chi Drill… …to help achieve the feeling of the correct backswing position at the top of the […]

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