I like to use this putting drill for students who decelerate or slow down through impact on those shorter putts of 6 feet and in.

First, place 3 balls down about a foot from the hole and with NO BACKSTROKE…push the ball into the hole! Make sure you are keeping the wrists firm with the forearms locked. Your arms and shoulders are pushing the ball to the hole. DO NOT use your wrists! Then, after you have made 3 in a row, move back every 6-12 inches making the same “PUSH” stroke. Continue doing this until you are within that 6 foot range. Make sure to make 3 in a row each time before you move back to the next spot.

The goal of this drill is to help you feel the correct acceleration when you follow through to the hole using your arms and shoulders!

Always remember to “Practice with a Purposeā€ – Chip Inks, PGA