Be Aggressive on Bunker Shots

imageBunkers scare a lot of amateurs, often causing them to decelerate into the ball, leading to inconsistent shots; which means for many of you not getting the ball on the green on the first swing.

Here is a good routine to help you achieve a more aggressive bunker shot. First, since most sand is unstable, make sure to build a solid foundation. Take a wider slightly open stance and dig in with your feet.  Taking a full swing is the only way you are going to achieve being more aggressive for this shot. Always keep in mind, you are not actually hitting the ball on bunker shots, you’re hitting the “SAND” first, about an inch behind the ball. The goal for this shot is to make sure you are hitting the sand first…not the ball!

Remember, the key to getting the ball out of the bunker every time…is to make a full swing going back, then make an aggressive swing down hitting the sand first, following through to the hole!

Always remember to “Practice with a Purpose” – Chip Inks, PGA


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