Are You Taking The Club Too Far Back?

claude-harmon-screenshotTry the Tai Chi Drill for a Shorter Backswing

Have you been told that your club is too far back during the backswing?  Many of my students have no idea how far they take the club back or even more important, they don’t know how to stop making what they think is the correct “full swing” position at the top of their backswing.

Here is one of my favorite tips from #1 Teacher on America’s 50 Best Instructors list, Butch Harmon, on taking the club back to the top…

“Don’t be obsessed with swinging the club into a classic parallel-to-the-ground position at the top. A lot of golfers lack the flexibility to get there.  Instead, focus on your turn and your rhythm. Stay smooth; don’t feel like you have to jump at the ball on the downswing just because your swing is shorter. Let your speed build. You’ll have plenty of time to hit it hard.” – Butch Harmon

As for the backswing related to your turn, focus on keeping your arms wide as possible as you swing back.  I like to have the feeling of trying to keep your right hand as far from your right ear as possible at the top of the swing.  That will pull your shoulders into the biggest turn you can make.  Maintaining a wide swing arc is more important than how far back the club goes.  A short backswing with no turn won’t work, but if you keep your arms wide and stay smooth, there’s no reason you can’t hit it hard and further.

Try using my Tai Chi Drill… …to help achieve the feeling of the correct backswing position at the top of the swing!

Always remember to “Practice with a Purpose” – Chip Inks, PGA



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