Do you know how to Practice with a Purpose?

How often are you able to take your practice tee swing to the course?  One of the most heard comments from my students…”I hit it great on the driving range, but can’t seem to take that swing to the course.”  Does this sound familiar with your golf game?

This new practice routine will help you learn to “Practice with a Purpose” on the practice tee and get you ready for your next great round of golf! While on the practice tee, visualize the course you are about to play.  You can “play” an entire nine or 18 holes (no putts).  If the first “hole” calls for your driver, fairway wood, then a wedge, hit those clubs in succession; choose a specific target for each shot, and follow your normal pre-shot routine.  This drill makes you hit your clubs in random order, just as you would on the course, and it also helps you work on mental visualization.  Turn it into a game!  Give yourself a score…one point for a quality swing…zero for an average shot, and minus-one for poor shots.

This routine will help prepare you for the variety of shots you will encounter on the course.  So why not use this practice routine every time before each round?  It’s the only way you will achieve and learn the correct way to “Practice with a Purpose” before your actual round of golf!

Always remember to “Practice with a Purpose” – Chip Inks, PGA



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